Meet Angela Libby

 Angela Libby

Angela moved to Moncton in 2005 looking for a new beginning and challenge. Within in 7 months of moving to the new city Angela and her two sons settled in nicely when her long time colleague and friend, Andrew Libby, approached her with a business idea. The idea that started around a kitchen table has now become one of the largest independent mortgage brokering firms in Atlantic Canada. The Mortgage Makers Inc. (Modern Financial) opened their doors in June 2006 and has provided mortgage brokering services to thousands of clients across the country.

While The Mortgage Makers Inc. (Modern Financial) business grew so did Angela and Andrew’s relationship. The business team known to many as “The dynamic duo” married in 2009. They are a unique, young and ambitious team. They are each others pillar of support and strength and this is handed off to their clients in their business transactions.

Angela has many years of experience in dealing with real estate transactions. Her financial industry career started when she was only 19 years old managing a finance company office in Ontario. She has a will to win with a never die attitude. She is outgoing, ambitious and has an excellent ability to place herself in the client’s shoes to understand how they are feeling. She takes pride in everything she does and knows she would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for the support of her family, friends, the community and most of all her clients. She will forever be grateful for the thank you cards, emails and messages she receives after one of her real estate transactions close. “It reminds me on a daily basis just how much I love what I do and why I do it. I do it for them (the clients)! “

Angela is always looking to broaden her skills and experience and for this reason has decided to offer more services to her clients therefore she obtained her real estate license in 2012. If you are looking for an agent that takes pride in what she does and lives by the philosophy of “do unto others as you want others to do unto you.” call Angela at 506-878-7444 or email .


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