Meet Andrew Libby

Andrew Libby

Andrew is a native of Moncton and although he moved away for a while to complete his education and gain experience in the workforce his heart always remained here. In June 2006 when his long time colleague and friend, Angela Libby, moved to Moncton with her two sons, Andrew found himself ecstatic because he knew the business idea he had been dreaming of could now be accomplished. After many discussions and negotiations across the kitchen table Andrew incorporated his first business in June 2006. The Mortgage Makers Inc. (Modern Financial) is now one of the largest independent mortgage brokering firms in Atlantic Canada and has provided mortgage brokering services to thousands of clients across the country.

While The Mortgage Makers Inc. business grew, now known as Modern Financial, so did Andrew and Angela’s relationship. The long time colleagues and business partners married in 2009. They are known to friends, family and clients as “Andrew & Ang”. They have been called the dynamic duo or the unstoppable couple because of their unique, young, determined and ambitious approach towards business. They believe in what they do and in their ability to find solutions for their client’s needs.

Andrew has many years of experience in dealing with real estate transactions. His financial industry career started when he became a licensed life insurance agent. His knowledge grew within the industry and he was able to offer and streamline the use of many services such as life insurance, mortgage financing and portfolio management. Andrew’s natural leadership skills and charisma has allowed him to achieve many plateaus in his professional life and has earned him countless sales awards. He is driven to get the job done and performs business with his heart. Andrew has been known to disappear after a call from a friend, family member or client in distress to always lend that helping hand and never asking for anything in return. He takes pride in exceeding everyone’s expectations when it comes to providing services and always goes that extra mile.

Andrew is looking forward to having a one stop shop where he is able to broaden his experience and offer his clients the ability not only to get their mortgage financing but help with finding the perfect home that suits their needs. If you are looking for an agent that goes beyond everyone’s expectations call Andrew at 506-878-3991 or email .


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